Leah Farris Moreland‎ Little Yellow Pill Testimonial

Well… it’s been 2 weeks since my 1st post about raw plant based eating and giving up coffee… I’ve always been a supplement girl! Stefanie Michele’s nickname for me is “momma apothecary ” I have a full shelf dedicated to supplements.. To help me with energy, healing, pain and inflammation. I’d read up on benefits of individual supplements and add them to my arsenal.. lol.. Not any more! I take one and it’s amazing!
I’m now off my blood pressure medicine! I’m 90% pain free and I have energy!!!!! I dance in my kitchen again while listening to music as I do the dishes and what not..lol.. not for a great length of time but I can!
My eczema is 70% better without steroid creams, my vertigo is 50% better.. #plantbasedlifer #rawdiet #health #feelbetter #liveagoodlife#healthylife #danceinthekitchen #rawfood #naturalhealing
Mike VanderKooi

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