It is the 8th of November, 2017. Yesterday it was election day in the USA. I am not an American citizen, but I am very interested in politics.

I live in Canada, I am 80 years old and I have voted all my life. The first time was in the Netherlands when I became of voting age at the age of 19. I remember the excitement as if it happened yesterday. I voted for Joop den Uyl, who later became the Prime Minister of the country. He represented the NDP (Dutch Socialist Party).

I never missed a vote. I voted in Provincial Elections, Federal Elections, local Council Elections, Schoolboard Elections and at one time we had to vote for the Hospital Board as well. We came to Canada in 1966. In the first 5 years when we settled in Canada, I was not a Canadian citizen and that meant I could not vote. Those are the only elections I missed.

We have 4 children who VOTE. I always told them if they don’t vote, do not come home for supper. I encouraged them to do the research on all the candidates and the party they represented and vote your conscious. I am proud of my kids that they see the duty to vote.

Yesterday the USA had an Election Day. I am delighted that so many people came out to vote. I realize that a lot of voters marked their ballots in protest to the incredibly dangerous President;  Donald Trump. I am also very happy that the votes went to the Democratic Party. My hope is that this is a sign that we will have a turnaround when the 2018 Elections will take place.

The people in the USA need to protect their rights what is being eroded at the moment. They have a RIGHT to Healthcare, they have a RIGHT to Education for their children and they have the RIGHT to be protected so that no horrible shootings will be the cause of more and more victims losing their lives.

That is why I call this day a GLORIOUS day. I see a change of heart by many many voters. This is the beginning of the turnaround to normalcy and decency that the USA is known for.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Neighbours to the South. You are on the road to recover what you lost by having a lunatic in the White House. Work hard now for a similar win in November 2018.

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