When we came to Nova Scotia 10 years ago, I didn’t know anybody. I started a knitting group at the house. Every Wednesday we would have up to a dozen neighbors get together and knit, drink some tea and coffee and had a good time. That lasted for a while until we moved to Amherst. By that time I opened up a yarn shop and we had new people coming in every Thursday night for a get together to exchange knitting experiences and patterns. We are still going strong with about 9 people but we meet now at my house. We are quite the group. Everybody has their opinions and I am telling you, that if we were in charge we would solve all the problems in the world.  In the beginning of 2017, I set a goal for making 1 pair of socks a month. I am sorry to tell you that plan didn’t work out for me. We are approaching November and I only have 5 pairs of socks. But I also made a sweater and a couple of scarves.

We are quite a diverse group of women. Ages from 30 to 87 years. I should also mention that we have 2 little babies keeping us company.  Clara just started to walk and the other little girl Nina is about 4 months behind her. Every time I am amazed of the accomplishment of our knitters. Janet makes just the most gorgeous gloves in Scandinavian colorwork, knitted on a very small size knitting needle. Mel is doing socks. And I am sure she is on a marathon to finish as many as she can. The latest was, making a tube starting and ending with the toe and then steek it in the middle for the ribbing and steek a whole to knit heels in it.Anyone who does not know what steeking is, you cut it in half and pick up stitches to finish it off.  Sorry, but I don’t dare to put a scissor in the parts that I worked so hard to knit.  Cowls are also very popular in our group. Lori is starting a lace shawl and that requires a lot of concentration otherwise you mess up your work. One of our knitters has a llama farm. I can hardly wait to see what kind of yarn she got this year off her animals. My project at the moment is a scarf for a Christmas gift. This is the first gift this year. I have to finish 5 more before Christmas. Not all will be scarves, some will be mittens, some will be hats. Leslie is always making sweaters for her grandchildren out in the prairies. Nina’s Mom Del, is our beginner knitter and is doing very well. We all have so much yarn that we don’t live long enough to finish all the projects we planned to make.

To me, knitting is a very relaxing thing to do. I can go on for a long time. It is always very satisfying to see the finished project. For anyone who wants to venture in that kind of craft, You Tube gives you step by step direction. If you want to have

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