We are living in a strange world today. It used to be so easy. You get up, have your breakfast, read the daily newspaper, go to school, work or carry on your day doing whatever your interest would be for that day. Now, I get up in the morning. Start my breakfast and grab the phone (instead of the newspaper) to check out what is going on in the world. My husband does the same. Here we are sitting both with phones in our hands and getting upset how the world is doing on that particular day. Of course, even though we are in Canada, Trump news is dominating all the news feeds. What tweet was coming down this morning? Who is he bullying today? Are we closer to a third world war? And who is the target of his wrath on this particular morning?

The news media is all over this man. Is there no other news that would be relevant to make the front page that day? I do not understand that normally very reasonable people are all believing all the nonsense that spout out of the Donalds mouth (or his Twitter account).

I find it all very depressing. No matter which political party you support what is wrong with people to fall for all this nonsense that comes out of the White House. Are all these people wearing blinders and do not see how they are manipulated by one deranged person?

I remember the 30s and 40s when one person manipulated a whole nation into a frenzy. Many people died as a result of this insane man. I see the same thing happening again. We are supposed to listen to the history of past years and do not make that same mistake again. There are a few who are speaking up at the moment but their voices are drowned out by supporters of this insanity. It is the year 1930 all over again. Why are not more people speaking up and turn to the streets in protest?

I am now at an age that I might not see how thisĀ all will end. But if I look at my grandchildren and their friends I wonder what future will they have. Another war? Will they be successful and happy in whatever they set out to do? I know this is a depressing post but this is on my mind for the last few days. My friends tell me I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I know that lots of people feel the same way.

I hope that somebody will come forward and show some leadership to turn all this negativity into more positive thinking.

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