I am living in the Maritimes for 10 years. We left a lot of friends behind in British Columbia and also a lot of shopping opportunities. Needless to say that when 2 years ago the announcement came on the radio that IKEA was opening a store in Halifax I did a HAPPY DANCE.

Well, last Saturday the day finally arrived that we could go on a road trip to Halifax to go to my beloved IKEA. My friend Helen and I took off at 9 o’clock from Amherst. We arrived at 10.45 AM all happy that we saw the blue and yellow colors that indicated we finally got there. As luck has it a parking spot came empty right by the front entrance. We walked in and for me, it was if I never left IKEA in the first place. Everything was the same as I remembered it. Including all the customers waiting for the elevator. But wait there was the door to the Market Place. It all came back. It was all there. All the colorful placemats, cups, all the little gadgets that everybody needs and then never uses. I was thrilled. All the stuff that I used to buy was now in reach again. I had a shopping cart and IKEA right at my disposal. You have no idea how it made me feel.

But we came with a shopping list. My friend Helen needed bookcases, curtains, kitchen island and anything else that could come in handy. We decided to go first through the whole store and then later go back to wherever we needed to pick out what we wanted. So, we walked and walked some more and let it all sink in. What a great experience. Time was going by and we started to think about lunch. No problem they have a restaurant right there. I volunteered to stand in the lineup not realizing that it would have probably taken 1 hour to get to the food counter.  Luckily a friend rescued me and came to take us for lunch to a nearby restaurant so we didn’t lose our parking spot. We parked our shopping carts to the side and disappeared for about 1 hour. We had a nice lunch and a visit with an old friend. Now we were ready to do some serious shopping. We went from department to department and in the end, we had 2 blue bookcases, 1 larger brown bookcase, a kitchen island and a beautiful rug for the living room and all kinds of little gadgets.

Now out to pay for it all. That didn’t seem to be a problem until Helen could not find the papers for the furniture we bought and we had to pay for. Not only that, her wallet and telephone disappeared as well. Afterwards, we realized she had put that down and walked away. Panick city. No phone, no order sheets and the most important thing no credit card to pay for it all. It took about 30 to 40 minutes of anxiety until we got it all back. Some dear soul had brought it to the lost and found. Everything still intact.

Finally, we made our way to the pickup section of the store.  We were told it will be a 15 to 20-minute wait. We waited, and waited some more and finally after 55 minutes our order came. We had help from 2 strong young men to load it all on our truck. Helen put all the straps on so we would not lose anything on our way back to Amherst.

I looked at the clock and it was 8.40 PM. Wow, where did the time go?? 

I was exhausted. Now I really felt my 80-year-old body. We got back at 10.35 PM. I love to go to IKEA but this time I think I took too much on. Next time I have to limit the time I spend there to about 3 to 4 hours. Was it worth it? Well, it almost killed me but I enjoyed being back in my favorite store IKEA.

I forgot. The bonus on the way out were the cinnamon buns. They taste the same as I remember them from 10 years ago. My family was delighted that I brought those home. I should have taken 2 boxes instead of 1.

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