Shopping in the Good Old Days

Hello People Out There.


Today, November 2nd, 2017, Amherst Nova Scotia and it is still very mild weather in the Maritimes. If I compare it to Alberta where two of our sons live, they have snow and minus 8 degrees today. I saw some people from British Columbia putting posts on Facebook that they are hunkering down for a snowstorm. As far as I am concerned we are living in Lotusland right now.

Halloween has come and gone. We must have had at least about 200 goblins, superheroes or princesses come to the door. All the kids (or their mothers) did a great job on all the costumes. All the candies are gone. That is a good thing, at least I cannot be tempted to finish the rest off.

Now we can look forward to December and prepare for Christmas.  Lots of preparation will be made for that event. Getting presents ready, do the baking and the cooking as much ahead of time as possible. I am thinking back at my childhood. In the Netherlands, we would now look forward to the 5th of December to “Sinterklaas”. We never had anything like Halloween. In some regions of the country they did but not in the big cities.

Life was so much different then what we do now. I remember going to your do your daily shopping. Early in the morning, the first stop was the bakery for bread. My mother would only go to a “warm” baker. Meaning, the bread was baked right there and if you were early enough it would still be warm. Then off to the butcher to buy your meat for that day. And every time yo9u bought something there you would get a slice of liver sausage for free. For me, that would go on a sandwich for lunch. Then down the street to the milkman/cheese shop. Mom would buy maybe 100 gram of sliced cheese and some milk. The next corner would be the greengrocer. She would get some vegetables for the day and maybe some fruit. When there were new potatoes she would get just enough for our daily meal. Greengrocers had machines that scraped the potatoes clean. When you came home with that you only had to wash them, put some salt on it and cook them. Everything we had was fresh. Not the way we live here. I was at Costco this weekend and I get everything for the whole week in terms of veggies and fruit. If I think about it, I prefer the old ways. Especially if you live close to all the stores. You have to just get in the routine to get up early and do your rounds. That way of life is so much healthier. My husband and I are starting every morning with a large bowl of fruit and tea. Sometimes a boiled egg. We are very healthy and full of energy. That does not happen for a lot of people of our age. I am 80 years old and my husband is 79. We both are very active and enjoy what we are doing. If I look back I have come to the conclusion that life is so much more enjoyable if I go back to the old way we did things.

Tonight I will host my knitting group and I have to have to bake some cookies for that event. I better get at that right now. Enjoy your day. Stay Healthy and Happy.

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